What is an End User Licence Agreement?

An EULA is a legal contract between the manufacturer and/or the author and the end user of an application. The EULA details how the software can and cannot be used and any restrictions that the manufacturer imposes (e.g., most EULA’s of proprietary software prohibit the user from sharing the software with anyone else).The Moretype EULA sets out the limitations of the use of the font, you have to agree to have read and understood this before you can purchase the fonts.

What languages do the fonts support?

The supported character sets are shown on the individual type pages.

Why are some fonts named “New”?

The fonts were originally released in a non OpenType format. When the fonts were upgraded to OpenType we took the opportunity to re-drawer, re-space and re-kern the fonts. The degree of changes warranted the fonts to be renamed as “New”.

Can the fonts be returned?

Due to the fonts being digital products they cannot be returned for a refund. We go to every effort during the design and testing process to ensure the fonts are produced to the highest technical standards. If you have any issue please contact us directly.

More than 1000 users?

Is it possible to purchase the fonts for over 1000 users. Please contact us and we will pleased to discuss this with you.

Can I alter, add or change the fonts?

Glyphs can be altered for logo or branding purposes, altered glyphs can not be resold as a font. If you require a specific alteration to a font please contact us, we should be able to help.

Can I use the fonts in a website?

Fonts can be used in a website providing they are in a secure, read only mode. This is covered in more detail in the Moretype EULA. Moretype fonts are available as web fonts from Typekit, Fontdeck and Webink

Have another question ?

If you have another question you get in <a href=”www.moretype.co.uk/contact”>touch</a>

What format are the fonts?

The fonts are all in OpenType but other formats could be considered upon request.

What is Opentype?

The Opentype font format is a cross-platform extension of the TrueType font format developed by jointly by Adobe and Microsoft. Opentype fonts can contain extended character sets and advanced layout features for use in Opentype savvy applications.